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SFR rebate knocks Pre 2 down to 1€

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Nov 2010 3:18 pm EST

SFR Pre 2 discount

At 99.90€, the Pre 2 on SFR isn’t a bad deal. In fact, we might say it’s a pretty decent deal. But how does 1€ sound? Très bon, hein? The price cut comes courtesy of a mail-in rebate (and we thought those were just the province of Sprint) for 98.90€, bringing it all down to a singular Euro. Of course, there’s a catch to getting the rebate: you need to sign up for at least one year with one of SFR’s Multi-Pack plans. Don’t feel bad - thanks to the service plan SFR will make all that money back (and then some). You've got until the 15th of November to take advantage of the rebate, so if you're up to it we suggest moving with expedience.

Of course, we’d love to hear how much the Pre 2 is going to cost on some other networks, let along how much it’ll be discounted.

Source: SFR, Thanks to Treiz for the tip!