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Sharing Super Mix patch updated with Instapaper Mobilizer and source viewing

I'm a big fan of Instapaper. If you're not familiar with it, Instapaper is a service that allows you to save web articles for later reading, and also presents just the content of those articles, stripping away all of the surrounding website cruft and allowing you to adjust multiple aspects of the remaining formatting, including text size, spacing, and margins. There's an excellent Enyo-based app for webOS smartphone and tablet users called Paper Mache that I used on a regular basis to sync and read articles in my downtime. The downside of Instapaper is that I can say "Eh, I'll read that later." Right now I'm currently one month and sixty three articles behind, with no signs of catching up.

One of the great, lesser-known aspects of Instapaper, however, is their Mobilizer feature. Instapaper Mobilizer offers all of the cruft-decimating format-empowering awesomeness of Instapaper, but on a per-article basis that allows you to call up Instapaper formatting when and where you need it. As the name implies, Mobilizer is intended for mobile devices (though I'll admit to often using it on my desktop for a pleasant reading experience), allowing you to take a url from a site that's difficult to read on your little smartphone screen and format it appropriately. It works well, and I make frequent use of it.

Problem is, using Mobilizer on my HP Pre3 has meant copying the URL of the offending website that didn't recognize my smartphone as a mobile device and serve up appropriately-formatted content, open the app menu, tap Bookmarks, tap my Mobilizer bookmark, wait for that to load (thankfully, it's a relatively light page), paste the copied URL into the provided text field, and then hit submit to load it up the mobilizer. Tappity tap tap swipe tap tap tap.

To my ever-hungering eyes did appear in Preware a few months back a new patch that offered to add the Instapaper Mobilizer feature as a selectable item in the web browser's app menu. Swipe tap tap. I excitedly tried to install it, but was rebuffed with an unspecified error, which I surmised to stem from a conflict with an existing patch: Sharing Super Mix. If you're not familiar with the Sharing Super Mix, it's a conglomerate Tweaks-enabled patch that offers more than twenty sharing, sending, and copying options for the web browser menu. It's pretty awesome, and that awesomeness of being able to have the ability to copy the URL form the menu, send the page to Instapaper (the saving side of the service, alas), and share via Carbon and Quick Post, among other niceties. Mobilizer would have to wait.

Wait no longer! An update to Sharing Super Mix has added the Instapaper Mobilizer to the Page submenu options for smartphones running webOS 2.2.4. Install the patch, enable Mobilizer in Tweaks, and open tiny-text articles in the Instapaper Mobilizer with just one swipe and two taps. Ah, sweet browsing relief.

Or at least, partial browsing relief. While Paper Mache nicely supports user alteration of font face, size, margins, line spacing, and justification (in addition to allowing the choice between pagination and scrolling and light and dark themes), the aging webOS smartphone browser simply isn't up to the task of taking advantage of the user-selectable styling offered by Instapaper. That said, at least to my admittedly defective eyeballs, a Mobilizer-formatted article on a landscape Pre3 is perfectly readable.

With all that waxing poetical about Instapaper Mobilizer out of the way, it's worth noting that the patch was also updated to add a View Source option to the Page submenu. The option takes the HTML file for the page and sends it over to Internalz Pro for source viewing in the app's built-in text editor. Sharing Super Mix is available for free through WebOS Quick Install and Preware, and is licensed under the MIT open source license. My thanks go out to homebrewers gizmo21, malpha, mgmft, and rwatkins for their work in maintaining and updating Sharing Super Mix, and gimco for creating the original 'Mobilize page with instapaper' patch.