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Shopping Manager
by sidamos on 1/18/2015 | ; Tags: - none - | 0 comments

Inspired by the HandyShopper concept, this App truly simplifies and enhances your shopping experience. Easy to use (even with one hand), yet very powerful and flexible: One tap - marked as needed, another tap - marked as have, checkout when finished.

  • one-time entry of items
  • intelligent sorting & filtering
  • multiple shops per item
  • multiple categories (like templates) per item
  • multiple databases
  • Excel-compatible (.csv) import and export
  • send list by Email or SMS
  • Google Docs
  • Best Buy
  • unit price
  • configurable display (details, font sizes, colors, etc.)
  • automatic cost calculation
  • reminders
  • and more

You can set name, quantity, standard quantity, unit, price, aisle, notes, tax, priority, coupon, planned date, auto-delete and image for each item.
For further instructions and screenshots, please visit the Website: http://software.vivalv.de/