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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:47 pm EST
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VivaLV Software
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*** webOS Hot Apps Winner ***

This is a free limited demo version. Full version available in the App Catalog. Inspired by the HandyShopper concept, this App truly simplifies and enhances your shopping experience. Easy to use (even with one hand), yet very powerful and flexible: One tap - marked as needed, another tap - marked as have, checkout when finished.

* one-time entry of items
* intelligent sorting & filtering
* multiple shops per item
* multiple categories (like templates) per item
* multiple databases
* Excel-compatible (.csv) import and export
* send list by Email or SMS
* Google Docs
* Best Buy
* unit price
* configurable display (details, font sizes, colors, etc.)
* automatic cost calculation
* reminders
* and more
You can set name, quantity, standard quantity, unit, price, aisle, notes, tax, priority, coupon, planned date, auto-delete and image for each item.
New in this version: Just Type, keyboard shortcuts (D, M, T, N, B, P, H).
For further instructions and screenshots and also for support, please visit the Website:

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