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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:06 pm EST
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** SAYS TIME IN: English, Spanish, German (Deutsch), & French **
** SimpleTime Lite CAN CUCKOO **
Like a modern day cuckoo clock, SimpleTime Lite announces the time every hour on the hour. However, this evolution of the time piece speaks the current time (e.g. "11 O'clock PM" or "Cuckoo!")
SimpleTime Lite can also speaks the time to you at the tap of a finger!
SimpleTime Lite comes with two (2) voices: Clark and Alice.
Just choose the voice you prefer and turn on SimpleTime Lite to have the time spoken to you every hour.
SimpleTime Lite helps keep meetings on track by simply reminding you of the current time.
SimpleTime Lite can also speak the current time on demand. Just tap the SimpleTime icon on the dashboard or click the Speak Current Time button on the full card.
SimpleTime Lite can be set to go to sleep for a certain period of time if you want to avoid announcements over night or during work.
SimpleTime Lite can be used in conjunction with Do It Again to announce the time when it's time to perform important tasks.
Over all we are certain that you will find SimpleTime useful and fun!

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