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Skiff e-Reader Software Shown on Palm Pre at CES

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Thu, 14 Jan 2010 2:14 pm EST
Skiff model

Somewhat lost in the intense excitement of Palm’s presentation at CES was a Pre-related demo by Skiff, the newly-formed Hearst spinoff which is teaming with Sprint to offer electronic versions not only of books but of newspapers, magazines and blogs. While Skiff is developing its own standalone e-ink Reader, it is not limiting its service to the device. Instead, Skiff will offer its content for PCs, tablet devices and (most relevantly) smartphones.

As reported by Dan Costa on, Skiff was at CES last week, and demonstrated its reader for the first time, together with a prototype with color e-ink. It also, though, showed its software running on a Viliv tablet and a Palm Pre (a logical choice, given the company’s partnership with Sprint). While the article (and another piece by Engadget) did not provide launch dates for the Pre software, nor discuss whether non-Sprint Pres would be able to run Skiff, it is good to see yet another content player focus on the Pre as a delivery mechanism.