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More on Skype integration for Pre3

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 19 Jun 2011 9:06 pm EDT

The HP Pre3 is coming, and it's bringing a nice implementation of Skype along with it. Our friends over at German webOS blog received some recent screenshots and details about the upcoming Skype integration, and it's looking pretty awesome with both audio and video calling (as well as text chat) enabled at the operating system level, as well as some other features that will allow you to manage whether Skype uses minutes or data, which app international calls will go through (your phone or Skype) and a way to manage your Skype credits. It's looking like this level of Skype integration is part of webOS 2.2, so hopefully when it makes its way to phones like the HP Veer we'll get to do some Skyping there as well (minus the video chat, of course). More screenshots after the break.

  • Skype is fully integrated into the operating system of webOS
  • A Skype Credit option found in app menu
  • Users can set whether International calls are sent through Skype and domestic calls through the Phone automatically, or have the choice with each call
  • Initiate video or audio calls from JustType or the Contacts app (as well as chat from the Messaging app)
  • Audio and video calls available for 3G data as well Wi-Fi (tested on O2 Germany).
  • Skype calls sound and act just like regular phone calls.
  • With video call you are asked if you want to activate your camera for broadcasting.

Now our only question is, will the Microsoft acquisition of Skype affect HP's plans to integrate our favorite VoIP service? We don't think it will, but there's always room for change in the world of tech.