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Skype integration live and well on the TouchPad

by Derek Kessler Tue, 14 Jun 2011 4:27 pm EDT

We’re getting ever so closer to the official launch of the HP TouchPad, and there are still some details we don’t have a complete grasp of. Like what about Skype integration? We know that Skype’s exclusivity deal with Verizon is up and they’re free to play with whatever manufacturer and carrier they like, and HP has been saying ever since the TouchPad launch that they were working with Skype for the VoIP provider to be the service behind the TouchPad’s video calling support.

Fast forward to today, when PreCentral forum member DavidVogt posted the above image (we’ve cropped it): that’s Skype in the Messaging app, integrated all nice and Synergy-like. David snapped the picture at a recent webOS event where multiple HP staffers were using TouchPads. It’s the first time we’ve seen confirmed Skype, chat, video, or otherwise, on the TouchPad, and it raises our hopes that Skype will be fully integrated for video calling as well when the TouchPad lands next month. Full photo after the break.

Thanks to DavidVogt in the PreCentral Forums for the tip!