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Skype to Pre, "Just Say No"

by Jonathan Downer Wed, 01 Apr 2009 11:44 pm EDT

 For those of you holding your breath for a Skype application for the Pre, you may now resume normal breathing operations. Skype COO Scott Durchslag is stating that the company has decided to hold off on developing a Pre application, and instead are talking a "wait and see" approach.

We can't say that this is a *huge* surprise, considering they only just now got around to launching an official iPhone application, but it's a let down none-the-less. The silver lining in all this, is that third party applications will continue to be able to tap into skype, so I'm sure we'll see some form of the service on the Pre sooner or later. As far as a future Skype-branded application goes, that'll depend on both the success of the Pre, as well as Sprint's reaction to the possibility, says Durchslag.

What do y'all think of this development? Does Skype even matter, or is it more the principle? We've seen a few hints that developers are hesitant to begin working on the webOS platform, but there have been just as many who are eager to get going. Hopefully with the SDK starting to venture outside of its cave, we'll see some more developer excitement.