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Slab phone names, Touchstone charging, TouchPad sales and more - From the Forums

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Sun, 07 Aug 2011 1:47 pm EDT

Our forums are teeming with new discussions about webOS devices, and it's that time of the week again to share some great threads that we've found active in the last few days. If you want to join the community in talking about webOS smartphones, tablets, apps and events, you can click through the links below to see some of what is going on over there, and then register for a free account to let your voice be heard. If you have stories you'd like to share in a future "From the Forums" update, send an email to and we'll try to add it in!

According to many users around the US, retail stores all over the place are now completely sold out of the HP TouchPad. User tasogare from the Bay Area in California has checked with every single Staples in their area, only to find the same trend continuing there. As our members have said in that thread, even with a low number of TouchPads in stock that's still a lot of devices sold from just one of many retail stores that the TouchPad is available through. 

While many PreCentral readers have a history with webOS smartphones, it's easy to forget that many new members of our community are being introduced to webOS through the TouchPad. Verno329 might not be new to the community, but his question is one shared by many new TouchPad owners; How well does the TouchPad and HP Veer play together right now and is it worth it to buy the tiny smartphone before the Pre 3 is released?

Speaking of the Pre 3, user scolab is still waiting for the mythical webOS device to arrive before making a decision on buying it, but in the meantime there are still some questions that can be answered. Will current TouchStone chargers work in the upcoming Pre 3? Read through the answers in scolab's thread and give your own, it's another fine example of the community stepping in with good answers.

Forget the devices that we already know about; what about the webOS slab device we've been waiting on? In a fun thread that is sure to catch a lot of traction, lancepr is looking for ideas on what you think the webOS slab phone should be named. With unique ideas like the HP Aura and fun names like HP Multitaskenator there are plenty of ideas to look through (and laugh at).