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The venerable Slate has finally made an official appearance on HP's website (albeit on a somewhat hidden portion), the first sign we've seen of it since company began to strangely go quiet about the Windows 7 powered tablet in recent months leading up to its $1.2 billion purchase of Palm.  Sporting an Intel Atom processor, an 8.9" screen, 2 front facing cameras (one video and the other still) and the ability to use a pen to write or draw on the screen -- a feature that we may very well see on the PalmPad -- HP has curiously recommitted to supporting at least two operating systems in its tablet lineup at a point where many thought the device was put out to pasture. 

There's still no indication of pricing or availability on the Slate or when the PalmPad (if indeed that is the name) might hit the shelves.

Via: Engadget; Source: PCWorld