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Slide deck from HP / Palm Investor Call

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 28 Apr 2010 7:31 pm EDT


Looking to see HP's own tablet-centric talking points about their proposed acquisition of Palm? Look no further - they've posted them here.

Bottom line: HP is dead-serious about investing in webOS and the hints about a webOS-based tablet couldn't be clearer if they reached out through the line and smacked you with them. Another good sign is that HP is very excited about Palm's "Deep bench of engineering talent" and "Strong and experienced management team," so we're provisionally optimistic that this won't be a slash-and-burn kind of acquisition. HP apparently just wants to throw their massive resources behind the platform. We sincerely hope that HP has the guts (and it does take some guts) to let Palm continue to pursue their philosophy of radical, web-based openness with webOS.