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by Rosendo Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:13 pm EST
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SmartShopping is simple app that will help you organize all your purchases (groceries, clothes, personal items, gifts, etc). You can add as many items as you want, & organize/filter them using stores & categories that you create and make sense to you.

Adding items is very simple, just fill the item form, click the Add to List option or just Swipe Back to save it! On every item you can specify the store, category, qty, price, unit of measure, tax free, discount coupon (percentage or amount), coupon expire date, and any note that you want to include. Also you can add alternative stores to each item (3 max).

Send your items to the Shopping Cart to view the total amount you will pay at the cashier. The app will calculate the amount considering qty/price, discount coupons, tax free items, and your tax rate. You can also add an overall purchase discount (percentage or discount amount). Once you complete the purchase, you can check out the cart items from your active shopping list.

The Shopping History will contain all items entered in the app, this way you can easily add back recurring items. Also, you can use the Smart History List where you can add multiple items at once to your list.

If you cannot go to the store, use the Send SmartShopping List feature to send via email or text a list of items to a friend or family member to pick them up for you.

Check the Quick Guide for a full description of the app. Also, the new features added on 1.5.0 are listed in the app release notes, and more features are on the way!!!

Check the Youtube video for a DEMO of the app.

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