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by Grabber5.0 Mon, 17 May 2010 11:59 pm EDT
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*** NOTE: This app does not work on webOS 2.x. ***

Update version 0.9.9: MMS forwarding bug-fix - now looks for included text correctly and includes in forwarded message.

You can forward calls, but you can't forward texts. Well, until now that is. This application will let you forward your text messages to the mobile number of your choice (number must be in your contacts). You can also send an auto-reply message to the sender. See official app thread for full description and feature list.

Use scenarios: You are getting new service and you can't port number for some reason. Forward the message, and send an auto-reply saying "your message has been forward to my new number, please update your address book with my new number: (xxx) xxx-xxxx."

You are going out of the country temporarily on a business trip or vacation. Not too many places in the world where you can use your CDMA device. Put your phone on the charger and set it up to forward your text messages to the number you are using while you are out of the country.

If you are juggling multiple phones, you can leave your Pre or Pixi at home and forward your text messages to the phone you will be carrying with you.

You are in an important meeting and can't be replying to text messages on your phone. Set the app to auto-rely with a message saying you will get back with them when you are out.

Your phone must be turned on and in coverage for this application to work. After you hit the Activate button, you can throw away the card, and a dashboard icon will appear in the notification area. To close the app, simply throw away the dashboard.

Grabber Software is not responsible for text messaging charges. See your carrier website for text messaging rates before using this application.

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