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HP pays for #HPVeer to be top trend on Twitter [update: make that #smallbutpowerful]

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Sun, 12 Jun 2011 8:07 am EDT

HP has been promoting its tiny Veer smartphone everywhere from the roadways to the subways to Nickelodeon. The latest channel is clearly designed to both highlight the Veer's social media power and to reach a connected demographic: HP has paid for #HPVeer to be the top trend today on Twitter (at a reported cost of $120,000 per day), sharing the trending list worldwide with such notable phrases as "Rebecca Black," "Lemonade Mouth" and "#thanksjustin."

The high profile is not without its challenges: Twitter users unfamiliar with HP's newest smartphone are wondering whether the hashtag has something to do with Harry Potter, the Human Papillomavirus and other things, but the paid trending spot also comes with a top-of-search placement for HP's tweet about the Veer, so curious Twitter users (at least those using the Twitter Web site) can discover what it's all about:

HP's growing efforts to promote the Veer are encouraging. We look forward to seeing what the company has in store (pun intended) for the impending launch of the more important and more hyped TouchPad.

Update: Apparently the confusion was too much for the legions of Harry Potter fans to handle. HP's now paying for #smallbutpowerful to sit atop the trending topics list, but it too doesn't seem to be having the desired effect. Other things that are considered to be #smallbutpowerful: Tic Tacs, eye contact, surprising/firghtening insects, all manner of short-in-stature Twitterers.... and just about everything but the Veer. In fact it has a whole mess of people trying to guess what it means, and (at least if they're using the website) they'll get to see that @HP tweet sitting at the top of the #smallbutpowerful list.

Source: Twitter