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Solve math calculations (and more) with Universal Search/Just Type

by Adam Marks Wed, 30 Mar 2011 3:19 pm EDT

Until a developer creates a calculator app that uses webOS 2.0's Just Type's Quick Actions to launch the app and solve the equation, you think that the only option to perform these math calculations would be to open up the Calculator app and then enter in the math problem. However, there is another option that is available for both Universal Search (in webOS 1.x) and Just Type (in webOS 2.0) by initiating a Google Search.

Since Google's search algorithms are able to recognize math equations, currency conversions, unit conversions and more in a search and provide the answers to that problem, you just need to type your formula into Universal Search/Just Type and then tap the "Google" option. As you can see in the example, typing in a formula of "2009+6+6" opens up a web browser with the formula and solution. You can also type in things like "100 dollars in euros", "100 ounces in pounds", or "1 mile in feet". Of course, you will need a network connection to perform these Google lookups.

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