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Some Sprint Stores Selling the Pre a Day Early?

by Jennifer Chappell Fri, 22 May 2009 12:57 pm EDT

Derek told us about Sprint holding launch parties for Premier customers on June 5th, but they won't be happening in every city.

Well, looks like some Sprint stores that aren't having launch parties are still going to be staying open late on June 5th and will be selling the Pre. Forum member midmofan (and Fyremn76 too) let us know in this thread that he had spoken to someone at a local Sprint store and found out that the store wasn't near any of the cities that are having Pre launch parties, but the store was going to stay open until midnight on June 5th to unload their Pre Phones. The person in that particular store said that she knew of no restriction to only sell on the 5th to Premiere customers.

Forum member kmod called his local Sprint corporate store and was told:

[...] The associate said that they weren't having a party but would have extended hours the day before launch. She then said if you signed up on to be notified about the Pre, you will get an email from Sprint to come in and buy the Pre on June 5th, and you needed this email in hand to buy the phone on 6/5. I then asked if this was only a Premiere customer thing and she said no, it's open to everyone that signed up online. Hope this is true!

pogeypetey also started a thread about Sprint stores selling the Pre on the 5th. There seems to be some confusion about whether or not one has to be a Premiere customer in order to snag a Pre on the 5th though. Some people have heard that you do and some are hearing that it's first come, first served.

Have any of you gotten emails after signing up at Sprint to be notified about the Pre? Is your local Sprint store going to be open late on June 5th and selling Pre's even though they aren't having official launch parties? Let us know.

Also, there is a Poll in the threads where you can vote: Sprint Premier Customers- Received an invite for June 5th?   So far, 92.73% have NOT gotten their invites, and 7.27% have.

Update: A tipster lets us know that the aforementioned Premier Customer launch parties are meant for Premier Customers only and apparently there will only be 10 of them nationwide.