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Sood talks customer experience on Palm blog and Facebook

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Sep 2010 10:09 am EDT

VoodooPC Omen

HP’s gaming guy and all around guru - Rahul Sood - was on the PalmCast a week or so back and we had quite the time chatting it up. In particular we had to look at Sood’s perceived focus on mobile gaming. After all, he was the founder of awesome gaming machines builder VoodooPC (bought by HP in 2006). But Sood will be the first to admit that while his title at HP is CTO, Global Gaming, “gaming” per se is not his focus.

In a guest post on the Official Palm Blog, Sood dropped this line that wraps how we hope his interest in Palm will be expressed: “While I believe gaming drives innovation, what I really love is creating amazing experiences that customers gush over.” In short, while gaming is fast becoming more and more of a reason to buy a Pre (and hopefully whatever comes next), Sood’s focus with Palm isn’t in making webOS a gaming platform. The reason VoodooPC machines were made for gaming was a simple one: intensive 3D games push the limits of computing power, which in turn makes engineers build “more efficient, faster, and more capable” chips.

We’re all for faster and more capable, and we’re definitely for experiences that customers gush over. Especially if that experience involves webOS. Sood, being a practical guy, had some photos put up on Palm’s Facebook page that show just what kind of experiences VoodooPC customers were gushing over, and dang if we couldn’t get some of that design and experience voodoo injected into Palm. We haven’t even touched the machines in those pictures and we feel like gushing.

Source: The Official Palm Blog, Palm on Facebook