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Sooloos by Meridian bringing advanced Cloud Music service to the HP TouchPad

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Fri, 20 May 2011 12:47 pm EDT

HP is blowing it up when it comes to finding great launch partners for the TouchPad this Summer. Last week we saw WhitePages released to the public with anticipation for a tablet version, and we've seen multiple other apps and companies announce a future release coming to the webOS App Catalog. Who do we have today but Sooloos by Meridian, an advanced Cloud Music streaming service that is unlike any other we've seen before, which will be released for the TouchPad this Summer.

We call Sooloos advanced because of the way that it works (which goes even further than nuTsie in its delivery): Rather than it being yet another cloud music streaming service with its own separate database or library of songs, Sooloos allows you to import all of your music onto your device and stream them over wireless data networks across the cloud, whether those songs are from a subscription service like Spotify (and we assume Melodeo), or downloaded into your iTunes library, or manually brought in from your home CD collection. 

Once again, HP scores a big win for consumers by providing a unique app that is completely integrated with their musically inclined lifestyles. With the way that this product is going to be promoted as a powerful cloud service developed with HP webOS in mind, we have much to look forward to with the future of other webOS apps, and the power of the cloud that HP has been singing about lately.

The best part of all of this is, we still have time for more companies to announce they're jumping on the webOS engine to push ahead of the competition. Who will be next?

Source: Meridian (Press Release)