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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:53 pm EST
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Sorrowind Slots is a five-lane slot machine, a first for the webOS platform. Note that you can view the payout table in the Help section! The latest 1.1.3 update introduces sounds for reels, payout and the all-sevens jackpot. Also, the payout counter is somewhat slower for readability. The next version will offer the ability to keep the payout counter frozen until next spin. The game is simple, fast, and easy to play, featuring keyboard shortcuts and vibration to allow "idle" gameplay; great for playing in short bursts. Sorrowind Slots also remembers your highest credit total and your current credits for the next time you play. Sorrowind Studios brings this game to the webOS platform in a small lightweight package. The graphics are smooth, but also easy on the phone's battery and processor. It also takes up an incredibly small amount of space, only 275KB. This means you won't need to choose between your other applications and your games. Sorrowind Studios does not believe in the "set it and forget it" methodology of application development. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions! As our userbase grows, we will continue to update Sorrowind Slots with better performance, more features, and great gameplay. Feel free to try out an online demo of the game at our website!

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