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Sound the trumpets: Spotify is coming to the US

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 06 Jul 2011 7:53 pm EDT

If you're a big music fan (or even a small one), this bit of news will probably be exciting for you. Spotify, the award-winning and fantastically applauded music streaming service that has taken Europe by storm, is quickly approaching US shores and bringing millions of popular and niche songs along with it. For webOS users, it will add another option for starting random jam sessions while on the road and going mobile. We've already seen the Spotify app for webOS smartphones in the UK and abroad, and soon we'll get to know what all of the hype is for in the US as well, which is definitely a welcome sight.

There's no word yet on if there will be a new app coming to webOS devices like the TouchPad, but as soon as we get an update you'll see a review from us. Hopefully HP will be able to get their HP Play music service off the ground as well, a little competition never hurt anyone.

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