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by lrdavis4 Tue, 09 Feb 2010 7:01 pm EST
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Here's a simple Soundboard app with some sound effects that you may find useful in daily conversation. All sounds were found at

Sounds Included:

  • - Woo!
  • - Applause
  • - Scream
  • - Oops
  • - Drumroll
  • - Whistle
  • - Crickets
  • - Rimshot
  • - Sad Trombone

Known Issues:

  • - Sounds will not play in the emulator, only on a Palm Pre device.

Planned Additions:

  • - Remembering re-ordered list using cookies
  • - Lower quality MP3s to decrease the size of the ipk, or to allow for more files to be added.
  • - Show a progress wheel in the "Label" of the palm-row to let the user know when the sound is playing and when it has stopped.
  • - Give users the option to repeat the sound a certain number of times

Note to users: What sounds would you like to see in this soundboard? Are there any other "themed" soundboards you would like to have?

Note to developers: If you have any questions about the application, please ask. I'm more than happy to share the code with anybody who is working to make apps for this amazing phone.

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