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by webos catalog Thu, 10 Mar 2011 6:54 am EST
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Space: Uncharted is a slow-paced massively-multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game.

This app grants access to all games starting in March (see below). The April app will be available soon, so if you are new to Space: Uncharted, we recommend waiting for that on. Games in each month require that month's version of the app, similar to a monthly subscription.
* Players colonize planets, construct buildings, create fleets of ships, explore the galaxy, form alliances with friends, & conquer other enemies’ territory.
* Each game can support hundreds of players in the same galaxy.
* Space is a strategy game, and runs slowly to allow players to choose actions carefully and collaborate with allies. Each game can take several weeks to a month, so players need only check in on their progress a few times a day.
* In-game, email, and/or txt notifications alert you to unfolding events, such as discovering new planets or being attacked.

Join the battle! During March there will be one regular games (lasting 2-4 weeks) and two speed games (lasting 1-2 weeks). This app grants access to all of these games. The regular game will start on March 16, and the speed games will start on March 13 and a date later in March, but you can join the games before then to start forming alliances. 24 hours before game start, players will be placed on the map and can begin issuing orders, but no action will take place until the game starts.

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