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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 5:47 pm EST
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Price reduced to welcome new Veer owners!!!

This App alarms you when you are closed to pre-defined locations.

You have a time alarm built in your phone, and you like it. Do you have a space alarm? We are living in a four dimensional world, in both time & space axis. You need something that can wake you up when you are approaching a time point, as well as a space point.

Now here you go. With this application, you will be alarmed when you are close to a pre-defined destination anywhere on the map. You can have a great nap when you are sitting in a bus, without having to worry about missing your stop!

New Feature:
-New User Interface
-Background running
-Power saving option: GPS is off automatically at home or office.
-No Ad
-WebOS 2.0 Tested!

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