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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 8:53 pm EST
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Spit is an addictive card game with simple rules, the main objective is to get rid of all your cards as fast as possible by placing them on either one of the two spit piles. Rounds are played one after the other until a point is reached where one of the piles is empty, the winning player would have to choose that pile to win the game. Prepare for hours of fun with a dynamic and addictive game play. Points are accumulated, rewarding a faster game play, however make sure to choose the smallest pile at the end of the round to lock in your points! This is a single player game versus the phone, you can compete with your friends by comparing your scores and submitting the highest scores and best times to the leaderboard. Difficulty levels are customizable, the game also automatically adapts to the player’s behavior for a more realistic experience. UPDATE: fixed hand bug, improved leaderboard, improved end of game.

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