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by webos catalog Sun, 13 Feb 2011 5:53 pm EST
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***webOS 2.0 compatible! Spot Diff Plus is a prank. Just tell a friend to find the difference between the two pictures and wait... Definitely works best with the volume cranked up to the max! It's probably best that you do not pull this prank on young children, the elderly, or faint of heart. Now you can choose the delay, from 5 to 50 seconds, (in 5 second intervals). You can also choose from 10 different pictures, making the prank appear more authentic to your target. You can tell them they can choose how long they have to find the difference and they can choose which picture to try. When you open the app, just tap the app menu on the top left, then settings, and then choose the interval and picture. Swipe back, tilt the phone and your armed and ready to go. :)

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