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Spotify music streaming coming to webOS?

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 21 Oct 2010 3:14 pm EDT

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If you're not familiar with Spotify, that might be because it's the best music streaming service around that's not available in the US. Spotify for the iPhone has been quite popular, but as-yet we haven't seen a hint of it for webOS. Until now, that is, when PreCentral reader Michael spotted the above print ad for the Pixi in the Daily Telegraph in the UK. The ad reads:

When she smashed through to her highest level yet on Angry Birds, Laura briefly paused the new Brandon Flowers album on Spotify, rang her friend Abby for some major gloating, put Brandon back on, then let everyone else know by changing her Facebook status.

Amazing what you can achieve when your boyfriend's running late. Again.

While it's likely that stateside we'll have to wait for HP to make something of their Melodeo acquisition, Spotify for UK webOS users would be a nice thing indeed. What do you think: overzealous copywriter or sign of another top-tier app making its way to webOS in the near future?

(p.s. we're also amused that in the UK, Palm's tagline "Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing" has been changed to "Life moves fast. Don't miss out on anything." What, so bitter that Stephen Fry is spending his time in the US that you can't take his advice on being persnickety about language?)

Thanks, Michael!