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Spotify running on a Pre 2

As we speculated in an earlier post, Spotify is now officially available on webOS. It is a free app but requires a premium subscription.

Spotify is available only in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain and the Netherlands. The rest of us will just have to watch in envy for now, as Spotify says on their website, "at this time we don't know when we may launch in more countries."

If you are not familiar with Spotify, it is a fantastic music streaming service that lets you play any song you can think of over the airwaves, or download it to play offline. You can save those songs in playlists, or share them on Facebook, Twitter, email, or with other Spotify users. You can even use it to sync your music from your computer (Mac or PC) to your phone via wifi, and play it on certain tv's and audio devices in your home. You can also use it for Last FM scrobbling.        

It is available on a wide array of mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia smart phones, and others. 

WebOS devices are some of the best media devices in the smart phone market, both in terms of hardware and vast selection of audio and video streaming apps. Having one of the crown jewels of music delivery services in its repertoire helps solidify webOS' place as one of the great families of media devices.

Source: Spotify; via: webosroundup