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We've been anxiously anticipating an update to Sprint's signal-boosting Airave femtocel for some time now - one that will not only provide a mini-cell-tower in your house for calls, but will also provide genuine EVDO 3G instead of the paltry 1xRTT that the current model offers. Sprint has hinted it would come in 2010.

Well perhaps it has come now. Impulsebuyer in our forums just received a replacement unit that's significantly different that the original. You can see the new unit on the left. It's bigger, yep, but another wrinkle is that it tucks the GPS unit away under a door on the top of the device (you can still remove it to place by a window). That should make travel with the unit a bit easier. (That GPS unit, by the way, ensures better E911 location). It's positively Verizon Network Extender-shaped, if you ask us.

The 64 thousand dollar question, though: does it provide 3G EVDO for data? The fact that this looks pretty much identical to the Verizon Network Extender makes us think we're just looking at a new form factor. Forum member elder_shawn backs this up. So before you go out and Impulse Buy a new Airave (ahem), we recommend head on into the forums to see more photos and get the final word.

Thanks Impulsebuyer!