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Sprint Any Mobile, unlimited calling to all mobile numbers, coming tomorrow?

by Derek Kessler Wed, 09 Sep 2009 10:24 pm EDT

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Sprint Premier customers are getting a teaser email from Overland Park, Kansas. Sprint is saying that tomorrow they will “serve up something big.” While there’s no hint of what that may be, the chaps over at Gizmodo claim to be in the know: they say that Sprint will be introducing a new calling feature named ‘Sprint Any Mobile.’

The vast majority of Sprint customers have a plan that includes unlimited Sprint-to-Sprint calling. What Sprint Any Mobile is predicted to do is change that equation to unlimited mobile-to-mobile. As in your Sprint phone to any other mobile phone, on any carrier, at any time, for however long you like. Considering how many people are using their cell phones as their primary phones, this amounts to veritable unlimited calling.

So the question is: will this be an optional plan add-on, or will it replace the current Sprint-to-Sprint arrangement in some - or all - of their plans? Hopefully tomorrow we’ll find out.

Full text of the email after the break.

UPDATE: An anonymous source has confirmed for us that Sprint Any Mobile Any Time will be launching tomorrow morning, and as described above will allow for unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling, regardless of carrier. Any Mobile Any Time will only be added to the Everything Data and select business plans, so all Palm Pre owners will be set with unlimited mobile-to-mobile. Oh, and it will be a free upgrade to your plan!

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Thanks to fraz in our forums for the transcription!