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Sprint CFO really not fond of Pre, apparently

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 10 Jun 2010 5:38 pm EDT

We've been warning webOS and Sprint faithful for some time now that the company is smitten with the EVO 4G and doesn't really have the time for its other children.

That trend continues today as Sprint CFO Robert Brust cast some not-so-subtle aspersions on the Pre at a New York investor conference:

"The Pre was for people who didn't really want the iPhone," he said. "But the EVO is a phone that people can get instead of the iPhone. We were in the distance last year and now we're catching up."

We're going to go ahead and disagree there, Brust, and say that perhaps there is a Pre owner or a thousand who bought the phone on its own merits and not in a fit of iPhone-hating pique.

Don't be too hard on Brust, he's probably still bitter that "The Pre didin't work out as well as we hoped" for Sprint. Then again, when Brust dropped that little quote on us last month, he blamed the issues on early inability to meet demand - a problem that's looking mighty familiar for that big Android slab.


Source: CNETthanks gbuofu!