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Sprint forums: webOS 1.4 coming on Friday? Updated x2 with Sprint Pixi Release 'Date'

by Derek Kessler Thu, 25 Feb 2010 7:04 pm EST

In a posting on Sprint’s support discussion boards a Sprint Admin has stated in a rather official tone that webOS 1.4 will be sent out to Sprint Palm Pre and Pixi owners on Friday evening, not today as had been rumored/suspected. Who exactly has their information wrong is unclear, though you know we’re pulling for today and not tomorrow (though in the grand scheme of things it makes little difference). Additionally, there’s a new changelog, which is more or less the same as the one we posted earlier today, with a few small differences. We can also confirm that the 1.4 changelog for Verizon will be the same (with the exception of Sprint-specific updates and fixes). Oh, and those Email and notification enhancements? You’ll soon be able to set your own tones for emails as well as calendar alerts.

Check out the Sprint-posted changelog after the break.

UPDATE: And just like that, the post is gone, removed from the ether that is the intertube. Regardless, we've got it all after the break.

UPDATE 2: We've received an image from another Sprint source, which is now above. It presents yet another changelog - although the list here pretty much confirms the list below. It also confirms Sprint's target date for webOS 1.4 on the Pre is tomorrow, February 26th. The screenshot (which is is cropped) also says that the Sprint Palm Pixi will receive its 1.4 update on 2/29/10 - aka a day that doesn't exist because 2010 isn't a leap year. As if there weren't enough twists in this webOS 1.4 release date drama already.  Thanks Anonymous!


On 2/26, Friday evening, Pre and Pixi device users will receive an Over the Air (OTA) notification to download the new 1.4 webOS software release.

This release includes both fixes and feature updates (listed below).


  • Time Zone bug fixed
  • Network time sync bug fixed to reflect accurate Network time
  • Bluetooth car-kit transition to device corrected
  • No EV icon bug fixed (random)
  • Random browser formatting bugs fixed
  • Fixed bug that incorrectly displayed Sprint when actually was Digital Roaming
  • Missing Contact issue specifically with swap down to or less

Feature Updates:

  • Phonebook Transfer (import & export)
  • Adds Video Capture capability & edit
  • Calendar Enhancements
  • Messaging Enhancements
  • Improved Performance (Phone & CAL)
  • Email Enhancements
  • Notification Enhancements
  • Adds Adobe Flash 10.0 (Pre Only)
    NOTE: The 1.4 software adds the ability to use the Flash 10.0 Adobe plug-in which will be available shortly from the Palm App Catalog.

Thanks to everybody that sent this in!