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Sprint Google Voice integration kicks off April 26, early invites going out now

by Derek Kessler Fri, 22 Apr 2011 10:13 am EDT

If you’re a Sprint user, chances are you were at least somewhat intrigued by the possibility of hooking up your Sprint account with Google Voice without any repercussions. Well, as it turns out that time is nearly upon us. There are two things to note here: first is that the system will be officially going live on April 26 (next Tuesday), with full technical support from Google and Sprint.

The second is that if you happened to have signed yourself up to be notified when the service was available, you may have received an invite to get in on the Google Voice action early. This blogger did, and we’ve received several tips that indicate that many of you have as well. With just a few clicks on your screen and a two-digit confirmation code on the phone you can use your Google Voice number as your mobile number or use your Sprint number as your Google Voice number, all without any nasty porting charges or having to deal with canceling a line on your contract.

Our friends over at Android Central spent the night toying around with the new system and came away impressed. Your voicemail is automatically routed through Google Voice voicemail regardless of which option you choose, giving you both easily browsed voicemails and transcriptions sent as emails and/or text messages (quality of transcription is debatable). The question of MMS, which Google Voice does not yet support, was answered with a resounding “it works!” which we see as a good thing.

So if you’ve received an early invite, congratulations and welcome to the next step in the cellular revolution. It’s a small step, but one that’s moving forward at a time when the carriers seem to be taking so many steps to the rear. If you’re still waiting, well, next Tuesday’s not that far off.

Source: Android Central; Thanks to everyone for the tips!