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Sprint: it's time for a Palm Pre Pricing Intervention

by Dieter Bohn Fri, 27 Aug 2010 5:08 pm EDT

Listen, Sprint, you know we love you. You have great pricing on your data and voice plans and, we strongly suspect, you still have the largest contingent of Palm users on any carrier. We're brought you here because we care about you so much and want to see you happy and doing well. We know that you are being pulled in lots of directions right now and we understand that.

But this is an intervention. We really wish we'd had this talk a long time ago. We would have told you that it was time to switch up the Palm Pre for the Palm Pre Plus. While we can't understand why some of your most loyal users have been made to use older hardware, at this point we have to hope that you'll be leapfrogging to a upcoming Palm Pre phone in the near future so the issue will become moot.

We brought you here to talk about something else. The original Palm Pre. You're still selling it for $149.99. You're still selling the Palm Pixi - the one without WiFi - for $49.99. That's after $100 mail-in rebates

No, don't go. We need you to hear this. Did you know that the Palm Pre Plus on AT&T goes for $99.99 and the Pixi is free? The Pixi is free on Verizon too and the Pre Plus is $29.99 - and Verizon offers free mobile hotspot to their users. No mail-in rebates, either.

Listen, it's worse than you might realize - if you go to HP wireless central, you can get all of the above for free right now, and sometimes with a $50 gift card to boot. However it doesn't look like you're giving them that deal. For Sprint, they have the Pre at $99.99 and the Pixi for $19.99. Heck, even Amazon seems to have to sell the original Pre for $79.99.

It's time to lower the price for the Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi. We know you can do this, we know you have the strength. The first step is admitting you have a problem. The next step is to boot up your systems and drop your prices.