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Sprint Palm Pixi gets WiFi via radio board swap

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 26 Jul 2010 8:30 am EDT

Sprint Pixi with WiFi

Yesterday we celebrated hackers who have taken webOS software to new levels, so this morning it's only appropriate that we call out some incredible hardware hacking. PreCentral forum member gitit20 grabbed the radio board off a Verizon Palm Pixi Plus and transplanted it into a standard Sprint Palm Pixi. The result: A Sprint Pixi with a feature that we believe it should have had all along: WiFi.

Gitit20 reports that the two versions of the Pixi are virtually identical (excepting that WiFi chip) on the inside, all the way down to the Sprint Pixi not needing an extra GPS antenna to get its transplanted board a location fix. No serial numbers or coding  needed, apparently - just swap the boards and apply the Sprint webOS doctor. Unfortunately, Sprint Nav disappears and is replaced with Verizon Nav, which doesn't.

And we all were thinking it would be Palm that would bring new hardware to Sprint. Video after the break!

Source: PreCentral Forums, more information in this forum thread; thanks to everybody who sent this in!