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Sprint Plans: Say Goodbye to SERO, Say Hello to Simply Everything

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 28 Apr 2009 11:24 am EDT

Image from the Sprint / Pre Webinar

The last time we tried to give the straight story on the what plans would work with the Palm Pre on Sprint, we pretty much covered all the bases we could.  The short version: Whatever plan you like, as long as it is an Everything Data or Business plan with Unlimited Data.  The Big Question on lots of people's minds: What about SERO?

SERO, if you're not familiar, is essentially a 'special deal' plan that many many of our users managed to get on either by Sprint Employee Referral (the original means) or just plain getting in on it (the later means).  There's actually more detail to SERO and people's plans -- enough to make up an entire Role Playing Game, truth be told. So rather than get into the mechanics of SERO (and EPRP, see comments), we'll get to the bottom line: SERO is insanely cheap and people love it.

So what about SERO?  As we guessed way way back in January, it's going to be rather difficult to stay on SERO with the Pre.  Our favorite Sprint Tipster has a new post up listing the plans that work with the Pre and one particular plan that doesn't: SERO.

The plans: Simply Everything Individual or $69, $89, or $99 and the Family/shared variants thereof; Business Essentials Messaging & Data in all its incarnations.

This will strike many as bad news, but here's the cold, hard truth: SERO was and is stupendous, but you also had to know it was too good to last forever.  Considering that the Pre requires unlimited data to work as intended, Sprint's Simply Everything plans are a better deal than you can find on any other carrier.

It is possible that you could get your SERO plan with the Pre?  Nothing's impossible (especially when you talk to the Retentions Department), but for most, the SE plan will be where it's at.

Thanks to Burnett and Franz for the tip!