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Sprint Showing Pre's Specs on Website

by Jennifer Chappell Wed, 11 Feb 2009 8:22 pm EST

Forum member bommarkm has just noticed that Sprint has updated their website to now show the Palm Pre's specs. 

These specs are on Palm's website, but haven't been on Sprint's site until now, so let's hope that this is a sign that the Pre will be released soon.  Goodness knows we've been biting our nails and wondering when we'll actually get our anxious hands on a Pre.

We DO have some new information to share with you though:

7.4GB will actually be available from the 8GB included, possibly implying the size of the OS is somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 megs or so (though it's still unclear what the relationship between the 8GB of storage and RAM will be, and whether or not the Pre will use Program Memory RAM/Storage ROM/Mass Storage like Windows Mobile or have a simpler RAM/Storage setup like other phones).

Also, MMS is CONFIRMED.  So is Phone-as-modem via bluetooth or USB tethering.  Yes!!