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Sprint support page says webOS 1.2 hitting today?

by Derek Kessler Tue, 08 Sep 2009 7:47 pm EDT

webOS 1.2 changelog

Okay, webOS 1.2 silly season is in full swing right now. According to a support page on Sprint.com (Where do I find the software version on my Palm® Pre™ and how can I update it?), webOS 1.2.0 is being released on September 8, 2009. Wait, that’s today, isn’t it? Well, I’ve been mashing the refresh button in the Updates app and haven’t gotten any notice of the available update.

Full text of updates after the break. A lot of it we've already seen, but there are some new bits in there worth noting.

Oh, and when webOS 1.2 finally does land, those of you with tweaks applied to your phone should take the time to remove them before installing the update. We wouldn't want you to risk borking your precious Pre!

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Thanks to everyone that sent this in!

WebOS – 1.2.0
Sprint Config – 1.8

  • Enhanced copy feature added to browser and email (shift key + tap and drag to select text).
  • Improved global search to catch synonyms. For example, "Movies" brings up YouTube and Videos.
  • Send/Receive vCards via the contacts application (tap left menu drop down).
  • LinkedIn enhancements
  • Filter search in email
  • Bluetooth for expanded car-kit support
  • Improved auto-linking of contacts
  • Save inline images in email
  • Resume support for podcasts and long songs
  • Download files in browser
  • Backup/Restore of web browser bookmarks
  • Support Amazon MP3 over WAN (not just WiFi)
  • Photo Albums sync via Media Sync

Addresses the following issues:

  • Capability has been added to dial phone numbers from a calendar notes field.User interface now displays "updating PRL" correctly when you tap on Update PRL in Phone Preferences.
  • Device will no longer reboot while attempting to download music when there was not available user memory.
  • Real-time updates on Yahoo Finance now work properly.
  • Sprint Navigation is now able to use free form addresses for navigation, including addresses from personal email accounts.
  • PDF files can now be opened from a browser link.
  • If the device receives a notification alert (for example an SMS), a clock alarm would not play unless the notification alert was dismissed.
  • If a calendar event is snoozed then moved to a future time, the event notification will now appear at the proper time.
  • When editing or creating a calendar event and toggling to another application before saving the event, the event will no longer be duplicated.
  • On Google calendar, all day events that are changed to timed events on a computer are now properly updated.
  • If a cancellation is received for an event and the user selects "Remove from Calendar", the event is now removed from the device and desktop.
  • If large attachments are sent in an e-mail, the e-mail is no longer sent twice.
  • When setting email sync time to manual the device will no longer automatically sync the email accounts.
  • Certain properties of tasks that can be set via the computer (but not displayed on the device) will no longer be deleted on the server.
  • When two contacts were linked (one with a last name and one without) you will now be able to find them in SMS and email.
  • Syncing issue with personal accounts has been resolved.