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Sprint Sweetens the Pot, Muddies the Release Date Waters

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 13 May 2009 6:15 pm EDT

It's a pretty safe bet that if you're reading this, you've already signed up at Sprint to be notified about the when the Palm Pre will be released.  Well, friend, it's time to go sign up again.  Sprint has a new form up at http://sweepstakes.sprint.com/palmpre/ that not only enters you to get notified about the release, but also to be entered for a chance to win a Pre.

Crazy part: the contest ends at 11:59pm central time on May 18th.  This lends credence to the earlier report that Palm would abe announcing something on May 19th in the WSJ, but it also throws our assumptions about a June 7th launch into some flux. The drawing will be held on May 26th, however, so don't hold your breath for a May 19th launch -- June 5th or 7th still seems most likely.

From the official rules:

Two (2)  winners will receive a prize package comprised of one (1) Palm® PreTM with one (1) year of Sprint Simply Everything® service and one (1) Palm® TouchstoneTM.  l with a total ARV of  $1,800

Reminiz in our forums does some math and speculates that this means for the value for the Pre comes in around $550 -- which doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it could be the off-contract, no-subsidy price for the little guy.

via Everything Pre, thanks to abarrera in our forums for the tip!