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Sprint Updates Buyback Program To Include Over 900 Devices

by Robert Werlinger Fri, 26 Feb 2010 1:53 pm EST

Sprint has updated its buyback program to accept upwards of 900 different wireless devices, regardless of the carrier or manufacturer those devices may have originated from, offering between $5 and $300 in instant account credit for eligible handsets in a bid to drive recovery of handsets sold to 90 percent by 2017. 

The Sprint buyback website now has a substantial amount of new additions including the iPhone 3G S 16GB ($213.90 in account credit), the BlackBerry Storm 2 ($131.10 in account credit), and the Motorola Droid ($147.20 in account credit). To sweeten the deal, up to three eligible devices can be cashed in per device purchased. 

This is more than just a bid to make the world a greener place - it’s also an ingenious marketing move. Sprint is already known for having some of the cheapest data plans of the big four domestic carriers, and now people looking to move to Sprint for devices like the Pre have even better reason to make the switch: they can cash in their 16GB iPhone 3G for $137.64 in trade-in value, for example, putting the Pre at an attractive $12.35 after rebates.
[via: IntoMobile