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Sprint webOS 1.4.5 Official Change Log, 1.4.5 save bug confirmed

by Dieter Bohn Wed, 11 Aug 2010 12:48 am EDT


So the webOS 1.4.5 download isn't quite working yet as of this writing, (update: should be working now) but that hasn't stopped Palm from posting up the official changelog. It's short:

New applications


  • Feature changes to existing applications


  • This release includes minor fixes and enhancements to support the public release of the webOS Plug-in Development Kit (PDK).
  • This release may require you to update certain apps to their latest version to properly support the launch of the webOS PDK. If you have a game that is not saving your game information correctly (high scores, stages, settings) check the App Catalog for updates. For more information on updating apps, see Using App Catalog


  • If a user enters text in a field on certain websites, the screen focus now remains on the text being entered.
  • This release fixes a rare problem so that podcasts now download correctly.


  • This release addresses several security issues with the Palm webOS software.

There are a few other subtle changes not mentioned above, like small changes to the default email signature, video messaging, and battery improvements - see Sprint's list here.

Notable: that line about checking for app updates tells us that the 1.4.5 PDK bug that prevents some games from saving is still here despite the long delay in its arrival. So make sure you update both your OS (whenever that starts working) and your apps, folks.