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A better way of stacking cards

by Adam Marks Sun, 14 Aug 2011 2:47 pm EDT

This tip is for devices running webOS 2.0 or higher

When webOS 2.0 was released, it took multitasking and managing your open applications to the next level with Stacks. Instead of having to swipe through each app one-at-a-time in card view, you were able to stack cards on top of each other to better manage your applications. While we detailed how to use stacks in a previous tip, you may sometimes find it difficult to place the card exactly where you want to on the stack without it moving off the screen or to onto another stack. A cool tip to remember is the "opposite rule". Since cards are moved around stacks based on where your finger is physically touching the card, you will want to press-and-hold on the opposite corner relative to where you want to move it to in the stack. So, if you want to place a specific card on the left-side of a given stack, press-and-hold on the top-right corner of the card to move it. To place a card on the right-side of a stack, press-and-hold on the top-left of the card to move it. This way, your finger always ends up near the middle of the screen when placing your card.

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