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Stanford lecture series videos #7 and #9 now available

by Robert Werlinger Tue, 15 Jun 2010 6:04 pm EDT

Palm has released the seventh and ninth videos from it's ongoing series of lectures at Stanford university.  Video seven has Dave Balmer of Gobico Games sharing his experiences in developing for webOS and using all of the technologies associated with doing so such as CSS, JavaScript, and tool chains in a presentation that's very similar to what he gave at Palm's Developer Day.

The ninth video has Palm's VP of Platform Tools Joe Hayashi give an overview of marketing strategies and how one might employ them in the mobile app space.  I've always enjoyed Joe's presentations, and this one doesn't disappoint as he goes over some fascinating market case studies, marketing strategies, and even explores the marketing dynamics that caused the Snuggie to become so wildly successful (no, really).  It's a great presentation that's followed up with some great resources to explore for further learning.

Video number eight is missing in action, but we're promised that we'll see it uploaded sometime soon. Catch both video seven and nine after the break.

Via Palm Developer Center Blog