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Staples, HP France offering TouchPad for early pre-order

by Derek Kessler Fri, 17 Jun 2011 5:39 pm EDT

Pre-ordering for the HP TouchPad is due to kick off in two days on the 19th, but don’t think that pesky things like “dates” are going to stop the enterprising retailer or two. Today we’ve found out that both the United State’s Staples and HP’s French store are both offering the TouchPad as available for pre-order, with delivery timetables that line up nicely with the anticipated July 1 (US) and “few days later” (selected countries in Europe) dates already announced.

While we don’t know if Mr. Jubal Early is to be dispatched to take care of these early sale offerings, we can tell you that the pricing offered by HP France on their pre-order TouchPads is both new and unsurprisingly painful. They’ve priced the 16GB tablet at €479.60 and the 32GB version at €578.86. Those work out to US$692.30 and US$835.58, right around a 40% premium over the US cost, and France’s VAT can account for only about half of that. Sorry, Europe, but we guess you’re used to this by now. And no, it's not fair.

Source: Staples, HP France; Via: PalmPre-France; Thanks to nagalia and John for the tips!