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Starter launches multiple apps, includes movement-based launching

by Derek Kessler Tue, 31 Jan 2012 10:19 pm EST

There's a nice little app for webOS smartphones called Multiple App Launcher. It started out as a pretty basic concept - create shortcuts in the App Launcher that when tapped in turn launch multiple apps. Simple stuff, but cool stuff. Simple stuff, but a great idea that was summarily enhanced with timed group launches, Just Type Quick Actions support, and more.

For the TouchPad there is now Starter, created by ScienceApps, the mind behind Multiple App Launcher. Currently in the App Catalog for $1.99, the Enyo version of the old MAL app brings the app back to basics - Launcher shortcuts to open multiple apps - and then throws in a dose of Quick Actions support (any Quick Actions available on your TouchPad can be configured to occur with a Starter group.

There's one more feature that's sort of in the rudimentary stages right now - movement detection. You currently need to have Starter up and running to do it, but essentially you can select a group, tap the movement detection button, and then set your TouchPad down on a table, Touchstone charger, or any other place where it's not going to move, and the next time it's picked up it will load that group.

Starter's back in basics mode right now, lacking features like the timed launches and the ability to launch apps as a Quick Action. We'd also love to see the movement detection get a memory and periodic background orientation polling, that way Starter can note when the device is in a saved position and launch the designated group of apps when moved from it - especially useful if it could be tied up with a time period too (e.g. the first time the TouchPad is removed from the Touchstone after 6AM, Starter launches Graphite, NomNomNom, and the browser with

Even without the extra features, Starter fulfills its promise, that is to make it easier for you to launch multiple apps. Check it out: Starter, $1.99 in the webOS App Catalog