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The Street Takes a Wild Stab: $150 for the Palm Pre

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 23 Apr 2009 3:27 pm EDT


Your guess is as good as ours as to to when the Palm Pre is actually getting released (you can always find our latest rumor-mongering on that very subject by clicking the graphic in the sidebar), but there's another unknown with the Pre: Price.  Scott Moritz of cites the now-standard guess of an iPhone-matching $199 after rebates, but then decided to throw a match into the Pre-speculation powder keg by suggesting that Sprint just might be desperate enough for a hit to price it at $150.

Our take: doubtful.  We'd love to see the Pre come out at $150, but the $199 or $249 price point seems much more likely.  As with the actual release date itself, we're also confident that the exact pricing will be a last-minute decision.  The last time Sprint tried to make a big splash with a phone launch was with the original Samsung Instinct, the price for which wasn't set until literally a couple weeks before launch in a stab at beating out -- you guessed it -- the iPhone.

What do you think?  Will Sprint and Palm try to undercut the $199 iPhone price?  Price it higher?  Will there be an "early adopters fee" price followed by a price drop 6 months later?

Thanks to lugose in our Palm Pre Forums for the tip!