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Although we have heard the tiniest of hints from Palm that they will eventually allow deeper-level access to developers than the current HTML + CSS + Javascript setup for the webOS, we don't yet have confirmation that it's really going to happen.  One company that seems to want it is StyleTap, makers of the excellent PalmOS emulation software for Windows Mobile.  They're fairly confident that they won't be able to do it with just the tools that Palm is currently offering, but with deeper level access (and user interest), they tell Brighthand that it could definitely be in the cards (so to speak):

However, in order to integrate StyleTap so that it operated seamlessly with the webOS applications, it would require that webOS/Android/LiMo have at least a limited set C/C++ APIs available that are not currently available in the announced version of the webOS SDK

They recommend contacting both StyleTap (sales@styletap.com) to let them know you're interested, but more importantly, a quick shout-out to Palm that they may want to hurry along their plans for allowing access to Linux proper on the webOS -- at least for a few top-shelf developers to start -- couldn't hurt either.  We'll be watching the official Palm development blog like a hawk for further developments.