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by Dieter Bohn Thu, 16 Dec 2010 7:24 pm EST
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Mike Salayko
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New / Updated in v1.2.18
* New Background
* Updated the default UI styles
* Updated Sugar Bowl 'Home' Icon
* Enhancements / tested for WebOS v2
* Fixed the 'auto-hide' logic for the Web Cam Scene's UI

From construction of the first chair-lift in California, to the new Judah Lodge and Summit lift, Sugar Bowl has been thrilling visitors since 1938.

Now you can stay connected to the ski resort Walt Disney helped found, where ever you are. Whether at work or across the country, Sugar Bowl - The App keeps you up on the latest conditions and forecasts.

Features include:
* Current Weather Conditions
* Snow Pack information
* 5-Day Forecast (Summary & Detail)
* Feeds from all 5 WebCams
* Traffic information (via Google Maps Integration)

As an avid skier and local, I wrote this so I could keep in touch with my favorite hill and check on traffic before heading up for a day on the slopes.

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