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Swipe to delete (e.g. Email, SMS)

by Adam Marks Fri, 02 Jul 2010 3:37 pm EDT

One action that any webOS user should know is how to "swipe off the screen" to delete items from a list.  While not immediately obvious, you will quickly realize how simple this action is and see how prevalent it is throughout webOS.  Anytime you are in an application that provides a list view (from stock apps like Email or Messaging to 3rd party apps like DrPodder), all you need to do is tap-and-drag an item off the screen (either left or right) to delete. 

Note that if the application provides a prompt to "Delete" or "Cancel", you must press "Delete" to confirm.  However, if you have multiple items to delete, you do not need to confirm each deletion.  Just swipe off the next item and the prior action will automatically be confirmed.

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