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Sync Google custom contact fields with webOS

by Derek Kessler Fri, 10 Sep 2010 5:01 pm EDT

Custom Google Contacts labels We’ll be the first to admit that the webOS contacts management system doesn’t provide you with a lot of options for labeling your different fields. For example, the only options for a phone number are Mobile, Home, Work, Fax, and Other. Not exactly the most descriptive if a contact has multiple “work” numbers, plus a personal mobile phone, Google Voice, and maybe a home line as well.

Thankfully, PreCentral reader Kal El on Twitter noticed something pretty slick: the recently-updated desktop/web Google Contacts manager lets you apply custom field labels to pretty much any item, and when you do that with phone numbers and email addresses, they sync just fine to the Synergized contacts on your phone (curiously, Google Voice syncs over as GrandCentral). Even better, the custom labels show up in Universal Search, so you’re that much closer to knowing which number is the right number.

Note: We should point out that this applies only to regular Gmail/Google accounts. Sadly the sweet new Contacts interface has not yet been rolled out to Google Apps accounts.

Source: Kal El on Twitter